Best clubs in Moscow — Updated April 2022

Best clubs in Moscow

Hello Friend! Surely you looked at our selection of the best bars in Moscow, and now you are faced with the question of where to go to dance. You know, this is a great idea, because in a club you can do everything the same as in a bar, and even better: hot dances contribute to bright emotions and new acquaintances. And if you have no desire to meet one of our beautiful escort girls (in this case, we really don’t understand you, but okay), then in the club you will almost 100% find yourself a girl. 

So, see below our rating of the best disco clubs in Moscow

1. Gypsy

Bar, Club, Restaurant, Fusion, $$$

Gypsy is a spacious establishment with a bright interior, located on the territory of the former complex of the Krasny Oktyabr confectionery factory. It is located on the so-called «arrow» — this is a section of the Moskva River, where it is divided into the main stream of the river and its drainage canal. In short, the view here is simply amazing: in addition to the majestic Moscow River, the river mouth here reaches 200 meters wide, and a little further from the «Red October» rises the Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. 

And since this club has a large rooftop terrace with numerous sun loungers, you can enjoy the view of Moscow in between cocktails and incendiary dances. By day, Gypsy is predominantly a restaurant. In the evenings, locals descend to the island to fully enjoy the nightlife, and the ceilings of this establishment are transformed with the help of more than 300 discos. This establishment is considered one of the busiest bars in the city. The contingent here is much «above average»: young girls in branded clothes, students in sports cars, and the staff speaks excellent English. We sincerely recommend this club to you if you are a sophisticated client and want to get the best service to the accompaniment of the most fashionable world music.

2. Soho Event Hall by Soho Family

Bar, Club, Restaurant, Fusion, $$$$

In the description of this club, the terms «elite», «luxury», «best» are used several times. And this is an absolutely fair definition for the world famous Soho Rooms club. This elite bar thundered all over Moscow in 2000-2010, becoming a haven for oligarchs and golden youth from all over Russia. The strictest face control of the club provided (and still provides) an exceptional contingent within the club. Only the most beautiful, stylish and fashionable — it seems that this is the motto of the club. Soho closed in 2017 to reopen in 2018, in keeping with the spirit of the times. 

Fashionable music, the best alcoholic drinks and a chic interior — all this is now devoid of the spirit of vulgar Russian kitsch, but has acquired a touch of stylish luxury, without which it is impossible to imagine the most expensive club in Moscow. Yes, there are no budget beers here, so if you are ready to spend money, this club is for you! If you are used to expensive restaurants and five-star luxury hotels, then Soho will impress you! By the way, here you can find a chic company: the most beautiful girls in Moscow will shoot eyes at you and try to get to know you. Dont miss your chance 😉

3. Depo

Bar, Club, Restaurant, Food Courte, $$

Above we talked about two of the best disco clubs in Moscow, but they are both expensive. But what if you don’t see the point in spending a lot of money on alcoholic cocktails, and just want to have a quick drink and move around to the rhythmic music? In this case, turn your attention to the food mall called «Depot». This is a large complex of restaurants and bars without face control. But do not think that just anyone is gathered there! This is a gathering place for the same trendy good young guys as in Gypsy, but those who do not want to get worn out. 

During the day, this place acts as an international food mall: there are about 100 different restaurants from all over the world. Here you can taste dishes of Russian, Vietnamese, Georgian, Arabic, French cuisines. Looking for fresh oysters or Italian desserts? Here you will find the most delicious, but only until 11 pm! After the «Depot» it works only as a club — there will be talk about the functioning of bars, as well as a DJ playing his own musical set. You can hear modern Russian dance hits, by the way, they are very fiery! In «Depo» you will get in touch with real Russian culture.

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  1. Сonfirm: Gypsy is one of the best clubs in Moscow!
    I got a real pleasure from visiting this place. Great dancing music and the people in the club are cheerful and friendly. Where else would you advise to go in Moscow?

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